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The Benefits and Applicability of Mindfulness

Learn to observe your thoughts instead of letting yourself be taken over by them, even if you don’t think meditation is for you!

Is your mind agitated?

Do you often feel under pressure?
Do you live in stress?

In everyday life, there is a never-ending number of things to get done. Between a completely full work agenda and the thousand-and-one family responsibilities you have, there is very little time left over to take care of yourself.

Are you tired of your routines?

Are you anxious about the future?

Would you like to have more energy and vitality but in reality, feel so exhausted at the end of the day that once you sit n the sofa you can't manage to get up anymore?

Are you frustrated because you're not able to do everything you want and planned for?

Does your memory fail and do you have difficulty in keeping focused?

Are you frustrated with the route your life has taken?


Would you like to feel more:

  • Mental clarity

  • Focus and energy

  • Calm and joy…


This workshop is especially designed for those who wish to learn about Mindfulness before enrolling in the intensive 8-week program.

It is an opportunity to: 

  • Find space and time to stop and be still, distanced from the agitation that characterizes our day-to-day;

  • Increase our level of concentration and focus; 

  • Learn to be more aware moment by moment; 

  • Observe our thoughts without necessarily having to identify with them; Reduce the level of worry regarding what may happen in the future or what has already happened in the past, and, 

  • Enjoy the present moment, as it presents itself.



  • Get to know what Mindfulness is;

  • Understand the scientifically proven benefits of the Mindfulness practice;

  • Experience, in a short period of time, how the practice of Mindfulness works.

By enrolling you will have access to

A guided meditation focused on the breath

You will be able to experience, firsthand what happens to you when you stop and focus only on the present moment. By sharing with the group, you will realize you are not alone.

A guided meditation focused on the body sensations (Body Scan) 

You will have the opportunity to be guided through a meditation that will allow you to relax your body profoundly, while remaining perfectly aware and practicing Mindfulness.

Space to share and clarify ideas about Mindfulness

You will learn about the structure of the official program of the MBSR - Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction course, made up of 8 sessions and a retreat day, certified by the University of California – San Diego. You will be able to have all your doubts clarified.


Cláudia Castro 

The Workshop transmits, in a short, but complete manner, the main ideas and techniques about Mindfulness, presenting in one single session, not just the theory but also the practice, allowing the participants to have a direct contact with Mindfulness, in an integrated fashion with reality.

On a personal level, this Workshop allowed me to understand the benefits of Mindfulness and its potential application in everyday life, having also led me to continue on this path and complete the training in the MBSR 8-week program. This helped me maintain the practice to this date and its respective teachings applicable in so many different situations.


Gabriela Henrique

I really enjoyed the way Katian welcomed and embraced us in her sweet tranquility.

I loved the Workshop as a whole and the caring energy it brought about in my experience, as well as the loving moments of sharing and quiet time.

The meditation allowed me to rise to a place where I felt light and at peace. This done repeatedly, on a daily basis, has taught me to calm the mind, deal with the rage and impatience that sometimes arises from the controversies of life and has helped me to focus on what life gives that that is positive instead of all the less positive things that keep coming up.

Maria José Alves.jpg

Maria José Alves

I participated in the workshop that Katian gave on Mindfulness and I highly recommend it During this brief session I was able to receive the practical component of Mindfulness as well as clear instructions concerning the fundamental elements of this practice. She was able to share her wisdom on the applicability of Mindfulness in our lives. I became clearer and more aware of my choices and of how to lead a balanced life.   

What will you learn?

Introduction to Mindfulness Workshop 

14th of September

19h00 to 20h30 

Live - Lisbon

In this 90 Minutes of the Workshop, you will learn:

  • What is Mindfulness, its origins, where it is applicable and what are its benefits

  • You will have the opportunity to demystify everything about this topic that everyone is talking about

  • You will understand and experience the concept in practice, as Well as share your feelings, ask questions and get more information about how to train your mind so you can access more life quality.

Participate in the Workshop e have access to 3 bonuses: 

A free Yoga & Mindfulness class

Come and train your mind and body to be in the present moment, in a one-hour Yoga class, on Wednesdays from 7pm to 8pm, online.  

A free Mindful Coaching session

Come and try a 30’ Coaching session, using some of the Mindfulness techniques, on a specific day and time of your convenience. 

20% Discount of the value of the next MBSR

By participating in the Workshop you will be entitled to enroll in an 8-week (+ 1 day retreat) online MBSR program. All the value for 20% less.

Who is the facilitator?


Katian Caria

My journey in the world of Personal Development started around 2001 when I did a course in Mediation. Since then, I have I have naturally integrated meditative and contemplative practices in my life.

When I was 40 years old, in 2015, I did my first Vipassana 10-day silent retreat and I decided then that I really wanted to help more people to have, at least, a taste of what I experienced on that journey. Today, and since 2017, I feel very grateful and honored to have the possibility of being a certified Mindfulness teacher in MBSR and other Courses/Workshops.

With Mindfulness, a new perspective of life opened up and I also got clearer vision of the quality of life I desired and could have. Creating small moments along the day that represent “awareness" and authentic presence in the moment has been crucial. I feel it generated a shift inside me that has been so important to achieve. 

Andresa Lourenço 

Introduction to Mindfulness Workshop

Tuesday, the 14 of September
19h (PTG) | Lisboa


Introduction to Mindfulness Workshop + recording (90 minutes)

[Bonus] Yoga & Mindfulness Class (60 minutes)

[Bonus] Mindful Coaching Session (30 minutes) 

Only €10

Great training that gave me useful tools that I felt were needed, far beyond the scope I would have imagined.

Congratulation to Katian for having transmitted her knowledge on this topic so Well, in a pleasant and cozy atmosphere, while being gentle and empathetic.

I recommend this workshop to everyone, even those who may think that Mindfulness is something separate from their lives.

Filipe Luís 

Introduction to Mindfulness Workshop

Tuesday, the 14 of September
19h (PTG) | Lisboa


Introduction to Mindfulness Workshop + recording (90 minutes)

[Bonus] Yoga & Mindfulness Class (60 minutes)

[Bonus] Mindful Coaching Session (30 minutes) 

Only €10

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