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Learning to be more present in the present moment

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is a state of awareness that can be accessed by anyone who wishes to live life in a more harmonious and plentiful way. It is about paying attention, in an intentional manner, to the present moment, without judging it (or at least being aware of that tendency to judge). One moment at a time...

Mindfulness is about learning to accept what is, as it is, without feeding the tendency to reject or get attached to things, labelling them as “good” or “bad”.


Simple, right?

Well, it’s quite simple, but not so easy!

It’s not so easy because we spend a great deal of time in “automatic pilot” and without realizing it, we create a strong attachment to our mind and our thoughts. The challenge is thus to break that pattern, raise your level of awareness and allow yourself to be in an Equanimous state. In other words, reach a level of awareness where we come into contact with our natural essence as peaceful human beings and drink directly from the benefits of the truth of the law of impermanence.


By practicing Mindfulness, we learn how to become more stable when faced with the difficulties of life, without being attached to them or letting them take over. We discover that we are beyond our body sensations, thoughts and emotions.


Tips to get there:

  • Pick a couple of moments in your daily life to consciously decide to be 100% present in the here and now.

  • Take any given chore you need to get done on a daily basis and pay maximum attention it

  • Try not to judge people or the situation. Simply observe and be aware.

  • Ask yourself: “What is going on inside me in this exact moment” and then whatever the answer is, just observe it and let it go.

  • Notice your breathing…

  • Notice the sensations in your body…

  • Notice the voices inside your head…

  • Notice the emoticons that are arising…

As you observe and let it flow, allow your heart to be filled with an overwhelming feeling of gratitude and know that “everything passes!”


Descubra todo o potencial que há em si para gerir conflitos de forma positiva e significante, reduzindo o seu stress e criando oportunidades de crescimento e transformação.



Este curso tem como objetivo mostrar-lhe como pode despertar a sua consciência para a realidade e promover competências que vão melhorar a forma como gere os conflitos. Ao longo dos módulos vai perceber como potenciar as suas capacidades emocionais, relacionais, e de comunicação obtendo um controlo superior sobre a sua forma de agir. No final, conseguirá abordar o conflito como um momento de aprendizagem e desenvolvimento.

Duration: 136 minutes

Only available in Portuguese


Mindfulness & Self-Leadership Workshops

These workshops are designed to challenge you to acknowledge and accept yourself just as you are, yet helping you to discern what you can do to feel naturally better and happier, in the here and now.

Simple yet powerful insights.

Building awareness and self-confidence Reconnecting with your inner resources.

Duration: minimum 2h

Important: The workshop will be in Portuguese. It can also be requested in English. 

Be at peace with yourself...


Workshop Balance your Emotions

“The energy of emotions can drain you or ignite you, make you dysfunctional or invigorated... ups and downs are natural! 

The question is: How long does it take you to regain your Balance?”

Topics to explore:

• Acknowledging how emotions influence us and our performance  

• Exploring our ability to understand, deal with and use our emotions 

• Developing our Mind-Body listening skills – A Mindful approach 

• Reclaiming our Power 

Q&A – Time for questions and answers 

Duration: minimum 2h

Important: The workshop will be in Portuguese. It can also be requested in English. 

Be at peace with yourself...


Introduction to Mindfulness Workshops

These Introduction to Mindfulness workshops are designed especially for those who:

  • Have never meditated and would like to learn how to, or

  • Have already meditated and would like to specifically learn how Mindfulness Meditation "works" and wish to do so in a short period of time.

These workshops are created for those who wish to learn about the Mindfulness Practice without having to commit to the intensive 8-week course and retreat. ​

It is an opportunity to:

  • Find space and time to stop and be still, distanced from the agitation that characterizes our day-to-day;

  • Increase their level of concentration and focus;

  • Learn to be more aware moment by moment;

  • Observe your thoughts without necessarily having to identify with them; Reduce the level of worry regarding what may happen in the future or what has already happened in the past, and,

  • Enjoy the present moment, as it presents itself.

Duration: 1h30

Important: The workshop will be in Portuguese. It can also be requested in English. 

Please check upcoming dates on the Workshops & Events page of this site

Introduction to Mindfulness


MBSR - Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction program

This MBSR course is very practical and accessible. It was created based on Jon Kabat-Zinn's work. He is a Professor and the creator of the Stress Reduction Clinic, as well as the Center for Mindfulness in Medicine, Health Care and Society-University of Massachusetts Medical School. It is based on the two most well-known Mindfulness courses - MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) and MBCT (Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy).

Nowadays, various benefits of mindfulness have been scientifically studied and proven. Mindfulness is recognized worldwide by various organizations of note.

The practice of MBSR improves ad reinforces the immune system, making the relationship between stress reduction and quality of life improvement, very evident.

The main objective is to help train the mind, by using practices, competencies, and attitudes that can be accessed on a daily basis, helping you to have a more positive and aware relationship with the suffering that the mind brings onto itself through its’ thoughts and internal representations. ​


Course Structure:

Besides the 2 and a half-hour-long weekly sessions, the course also includes homework to be done between sessions and learning to use the Mindfulness Meditation techniques, the Body Scan, and the simple Yoga postures.

There will be some handouts and audio recordings to support your personal formal and informal practice at home. ​

The course is 8 weeks long with one 2h30 session per week and one intensive day to be held between session 6 and session 7.


A final certificate will be handed out to those who attend the entire course, as this is a prerequisite for those who would like to do the MBSR/MBCT Teacher Training. (MBSR TTI – Teacher Training Intensive)


Duration: 2h30 per week, for 8 weeks + 1 day retreat (6h) Total 26h

Important: The course will be in Portuguese. It can also be requested in English. 

Please check upcoming dates on the Workshops & Events page of this site

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) 8-week course + 1-day retreat


Mindfulness and Yoga Retreats 

Mindfulness is a meditative practice that encourages a heightened awareness of the present moment to increase attentiveness, disrupt negative thought processes and find greater peace and happiness.

Our mindfulness retreats provide a holistic approach to mental and physical well-being, where participants can 'switch off’ from the demands of daily living to focus completely on mind-body rejuvenation.

Led by experts in a beautiful, relaxing destination, combine meditation with other mindful activities, such as mindful eating and movement/yoga sessions, as well as walks in nature, to restore your inner-balance and return home feeling more empowered to face and accept life’s challenges.

Duration: 1 weekend

Important: The retreats will be in Portuguese. They can also be requested in English. 

Please check upcoming dates and full program on the Workshops & Events page of this site

Time to retreat and go deeper

Continuous training and mindfulness practices allow us to grow and sustain our development.

It is important to do practical training sessions and to keep focused on enjoying the journey.

Alongside training, one-on-one coaching sessions also help to reinforce the self-development process

and contribute to the collective consciousness and intelligence.

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