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I believe the purpose of life is to remember our inner state of Happiness and live it.

My experience as a Consultant, Soft Skills Trainer, Mediator and Coach over the past two decades has underlined the important value of always keeping an open mind, having an embracing attitude and committing to positive and transformative change. 

Today my services include these fields of activity and are based in my Mindfulness practice and foundation which genuinely allows me to reach out to people and organizations from a profound understanding of their needs, supporting them to go within to then "Rise and Shine".

My clients range from the public to the private sector, independent individuals in general to teams within organizations, national and international entities, from different sectors of our economy, such as the automotive industry, utilities, pharmaceutical, telecommunications, media, human resources, insurance and banking. 

I am currently living the dream of building a sustainable farm and guest house for retreats and events in the Alentejo. 


"Equanimity is a perfect, unshakable balance of mind."

- Nyanaponika Thera

Being fully present, with all that is, having a sense of well being and living a harmonious life. 

Learning to mobilize your natural competencies to make your dreams and goals come true, moment by moment, is possible.  

By working on Equanimity, we are working on the balance of the mind. With Mindfulness, we walk this path together, embracing change and impermanence and at the same time cultivating an inner sense of tranquility and joy.

Everything that happens in our lives, be it a conflict or a happy celebration, is interconnected and serves a learning purpose on this path of self awareness and evolution. 

May we walk side by side. 



conflict mediation

(In Portuguese and English) 

Mediation is an approach whereby two or more people in conflict resort to a third party, who is impartial, to facilitate the dialogue and co-construction of a satisfactory agreement for all those involved.


(In Portuguese and English) 

Coaching is a great personal transformation tool. The ICF defines coaching as partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential. Our Coaching services can be done online or in person.

Mindfulness Training

(In Portuguese and English) 

Our training offer is essentially in “soft skills” and mindfulness-based approaches, allowing our participants to raise their awareness regarding their strengths, as well as identify their improvement areas.


in alentejo

(In Portuguese and English) 

Enjoy the silence and beauty of a little village off the coast of Alentejo, near Santiago do Cacém, Portugal, to benefit from time to retreat. A refuge so special and accessible that it will fill your heart with joy, peace and harmony. Here you can switch off the "Doing" mode and turn on the "Being" mode.

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